2011 On-Site Seminar - Audio Series MP3 Download

2011 On-Site Seminar  - Audio Series MP3 Download

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    Speaker: Francis Frangipane

    2011 On-Site Seminar - Audio Series MP3 Download

    This greatly anticipated gathering was a rich time of teaching and empowering as Pastor Francis and special guest speakers encouraged listeners to pick up the divinely powerful spiritual weapons the Lord has provided. Some wonderful insights were shared in the messages, "The Currency of God's Kingdom" and "The New Covenant," as well as on the roles honor and humility play in extending Heaven to Earth. There were also many encouraging words on discernment and resetting our standards.


    Message titles

    Overcomers - by Francis Frangipane
    Truth is Truth - by Steve Irwin
    The Jezebel Spirit - by Francis Frangipane
    Resetting the Standard - by Erin Sain
    The Currency of the Kingdom - by Francis Frangipane
    Weapon of Honor - by Zach Blickens
    The Great Covenant - by Francis Frangipane
    Discernment - by Francis Frangipane
    Becoming Sons of God - by Francis Frangipane
    The Holy Spirit - by Francis Frangipane

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