2015 On-Site Seminar Video - DVD Series

2015 On-Site Seminar Video - DVD Series

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    Speaker: Francis Frangipane

    2015 On-Site Seminar Video - DVD Series

    Becoming Mature Sons and Daughters of God

    Repeatedly the Word of God tells us that our eternal goal is not just to be "saved," but to become mature sons and daughters of God. This is the sustaining vision for which God Himself waits and we are called to reach for: mature Christlikeness in the church!

    These messages, spoken at the 2015 ICIT On-Site, not only open wonderful insights into the Scriptures but will fill your hearts with an increased love for God. Along with ICIT's founder, Francis Frangipane, you will hear anointed and powerful teachings from Zach Blickens and Pastor Erin Sain.

    Message titles

    The Power to Become - Francis Frangipane
    Great Faith - Francis Frangipane
    Death Works In Us - Francis Frangipane
    The Journey of Faith - Erin James Sain
    Three Steps to Change the World - Zach Blickens
    An Open Heaven - Francis Frangipane
    Those Who Are Led by the Spirit - Francis Frangipane

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