2010 On-Site Seminar Audio - CD Series

2010 On-Site Seminar Audio - CD Series

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    Speaker: Francis Frangipane

    2010 On-Site Seminar Audio - CD Series

    The messages from our 2010 ICIT On-Site Seminar are designed to be life changing and aid you in your growth towards a Christlike life. During the conference, Pastor Francis had this special word for those saints who are feeling battle fatigue: "There has been much warfare over the last years. As a result, we believe the Lord desires to break curses off people. The definition of a curse is to "hem in with obstacles." If you find yourself blocked or hemmed in by circumstances, beloved, it is time to believe God for release. I believe the wind is changing. It will no longer blow against your efforts. You will go forth with the wind at your back."

    Message titles:

    A Perfect Heart - Francis Frangipane
    To This One Will I Look - Francis Frangipane
    The Word is God - Francis Frangipane
    A Quiet Spirit - Steve Irwin
    Friends of God - Zach Blickens
    Christ Our Passover - Francis Frangipane
    Christ-Centered Unit - Francis Frangipane
    Restoring the Church - Erin James Sain
    Recognizing Human Sexuality - Francis Frangipane
    An Unoffendable Heart - Francis Frangipane
    Sons of the King - Francis Frangipane

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