Society of Redeemers - Single CD

Society of Redeemers - Single CD

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    Speaker: Francis Frangipane

    Society of Redeemers - Single CD

    Our goal as Christians is to gain greater insight and revelation into the nature of God’s kingdom, and our access to it now. The problem, and it is major, is that many Christians are confused and living in fear for the future. They do not see the power and life of the kingdom. Yet, Jesus not only came to bring us to Heaven when we die; He came to establish Heaven where we live. Indeed, the Lord repeatedly points us toward attaining and living in the reality of God’s kingdom (John 3; Matt. 6, etc.). While the judgments of God will continue all around us, the Most High calls us to focus steadfastly upon His unfolding kingdom, which is a realm that cannot be shaken (see Heb. 12).

    This message is included in the 2013 On-Site Seminar messages.

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