Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How do I contact customer service?
Email us at questions@arrowbookstore.com
Or call Arrow Publications: US 1-877-363-6889   International - 1-319-395-7833

  •  Forgot password?
Use this Forgot password link and enter the email address associated with your Arrow Bookstore account.

  •  How do I update my account information?
Log into your account with your current password and go to the Customer Account page, where you will be able to change your email address or update your billing and shipping information. Please select "Save" or "Update" in the lower right corner to save the changes.

  •  How do I change or update my order?
Please contact customer service.

  •  What are your shipping options?
After placing items in the shopping cart, use the drop down arrow to select your shipping method. For special shipping requests, please call or email customer service before ordering. If you order during special offer times, holidays, etc, please allow additional processing time.

  •  Are discounts available?
Quantity discounts are available with the purchase of 5 or more books and/or booklets (any combination of titles by Francis Frangipane and other Arrow Authors). To receive the discount, you must phone your order. Please Do NOT order through our online bookstore if you wish to receive the discount.

  •  Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
Yes, we ship to APO/FPO addresses.

  •  When will my international order arrive?
Via postal service, allow 2 weeks for delivery. May be additional delay time in Customs. If you order during special offer times, holidays, etc, please allow additional processing time.

  •  Why won't my credit card work?
Sometimes the online credit card processor can not verify all the information associated with  the card. Unfortunately, we do not get an automatic report stating the reason(s) why. Credit card companies require you to use your exact billing address when processing credit cards. If you are still having difficulties, please email our customer service or call in your order.

  •  Why are downloads in ZIP files, and how do I get them out?
ZIP files are a common way to bundle multiple computer files into one single file, and to compress them so that they take up less space. Because many of the downloadable series contain multiple files, we have gathered the multiple files for those products into ZIP files, so all of the associated files can be downloaded together in one single ZIP file per product. Even single products are zipped to make downloading faster.

The most recent versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS have the built-in capability to open ZIP files and extract their contents. If you have an older operating system, you can search Google to find a free program that will open ZIP files (otherwise known as UNZIPPING).

Downloads you purchase in this store are bundled in a ZIP file, you will definitely need to UNZIP them before you can use them or move them to media player or media reader. This is your responsibility as the customer.

  •  What happens if my computer/device crashed and my downloads are gone?
We strongly recommend backing up downloaded files to a CD or USB drive for your own personal use, immediately after downloading to prevent loss of the digital files.

  •  I purchased a downloadable product from my iPod, Kindle or other device. Why can't I open it?
As posted on the bookstore, your product must be downloaded to a standard computer rather than to a phone, e-reader or other device, which may not have the ability to unzip a file. Once downloaded, the file must be unzipped to access the product. See question above regarding unzipping files.

Arrow Publications's eBooks are in PDF format. If you wish to move an eBook to your handheld reader or other device, we recommend using a free program at www.calibre-ebook.com to convert the PDF to the format you need before moving the file to your device (Kindle, iPad/iPhone, Nook, Sony, EPUB, etc.

With so many different devices and formats available, we are unable to provide support for converting eBooks to different formats and recommend using Google.com to search for help.

  •  Do you accept returns?
A 15% restocking fee is assessed on return items. Items must be in good condition and returned within 90 days. Digital downloaded products are non-refundable.

  •  What if my order arrives damaged?
Please contact customer service.

  •  How can I track my order?
Customers may contact customer service to inquire about tracking information.

INT'L customers: Contact customer service to inquire about tracking options.

  •  What type of credit (debit) cards do you accept?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express

  •  Do you accept e-checks?
Not at this time.

  •  Do you offer any coupons?
Francis occasionally sends coupon offers out to those on his Eword list. You can sign up for  his free Eword messages here: Subscribe

  •  How do I submit a request for one free or reduced priced ebook* by Francis Frangipane if I am unable to afford a book?
Please email customer service with your choice of one ebook title (*see exceptions below) by Francis Frangipane. Include your name, postal mailing address and phone number. Email customer service at bookrequests@arrowbookstore.com. One free ebook per household please.

*Not included in this offer are This Day We Fight and A House United.