Pulling Down Strongholds - CD Series

Pulling Down Strongholds - CD Series

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    Speaker: Francis Frangipane

    Pulling Down Strongholds - CD Series

    Francis exposes spiritual strongholds that are hindering many Christians. In-depth messages include deliverance from self-pity, impurity, murmuring and complaining, and fear. We can possess a new thought-life in Christ. These messages emphasize the work of the cross in restructuring the mind to become a dwelling place for Christ.

    Message titles:

    Deliverance from Strongholds
    The Strongholds of Your Thoughts
    Deliverance From Self-hatred
    The Stronghold of Complaining
    Deliverance From Fears
    The Stronghold of Impurity
    The Stronghold of Self-pity
    Christ, Our Stronghold

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