Taste and See - Single Music CD

Taste and See - Single Music CD

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    Musician: Francis Frangipane

    Taste and See - Single Music CD

    Taste and See Preview

    Besides pastoring in the mid 1970s, part of my ministry involved producing four music albums. These recordings consisted primarily of songs I wrote during my times with the Lord. Over the years the albums slipped further into the back of my thoughts as other projects drew my attention. In recent years, however, a number of individuals have actually contacted me with requests that I again make these songs available. Unfortunately, the original production levels from the 70s were not great. Plus adding 35 to 37 years has further degraded the music.

    And yet, those who requested the music had listened to the same poor quality and still liked the music. Their comments were an encouragement to me, especially since they were able to overlook the production quality and actually hear the spirit of what I was finding in the Lord. So in spite of being a bit conflicted in my soul, with the hope that some might enjoy these songs, I think I will make a single song available and see how it is received.

    If you have complaints about the quality, so do I. But if you can overlook the many imperfections and listen for the spirit, perhaps you might be blessed.

    This first song is called "Taste and See." It's my tribute to the goodness of the Lord.

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