Refuge - Music CD

Refuge - Music CD

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    Musician: White Ribbon Day (Zach & Sarah Blickens)

    Refuge - Music CD

    In 2012, Zach and Sarah Blickens (long-time worship leaders, young adult pastors, and ICIT contributors for Pastor Frangipane) launched into full-time international evangelism, forming the band WHITE RIBBON DAY with a mission to use music and the spoken word to reach the nations with the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. Their first CD REFUGE (produced by Dove Award winning producer Tony Stone) is a passionate worship album with a heart to know God and Him known around the world.

    Song List

    Refuge - Listen
    Gonna Be Okay - Listen
    Perfect Love - Listen
    Holy - Listen
    Life Began Again - Listen
    Come Holy Fire - Listen
    I Will Do Anything - Listen
    Devotion - Listen
    All I Can Say - Listen
    Give Me Jesus - Listen
    Give Me Jesus Outro - Listen

    Visit Zach and Sarah Blicken's website for lyrics, their bio and more.