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    Author: Francis Frangipane


    Our previous three manuals focused our attention on Christlikeness, humility and prayer. Each of these truths represent the foundational realities upon which true spiritual unity is built. In this manual we will see why God hates our divisions and why the unifying of His disciples was the passion of Jesus’ final prayers.

    This is the third manual of In Christ's Image Training.

    It is strongly recommended that these manuals, written by Francis Frangipane are read in sequence, as each study is built upon the truths found in the preceding manuals. The truths in the first manual, Christlikeness, reveal that our heavenly Father's goal for us is conformity to Christ. The second manual, Humility, reveals what areas of the heart needs to change en route to Christlikeness. Prayer, the third manual, provides truths that help empower transformation, not only to ourselves, but to the world around us. The last manual, Unity, is in many ways the consequence of the previous three.

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    ISBN 978-188629659-6

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